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Fatoumata Diallo was born in Guinea Conakry and received her early education, including secondary school, in Brussels, Belgium. Over the past 15 years, she has been residing in London, where she pursued her academic journey, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and later a Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) from London Metropolitan University.
Ms. Diallo is a visionary leader and currently holds the position of Founder & CEO at GAMAAL, a pioneering food tech start-up with a mission to connect families worldwide through the art of homemade meals. Leveraging her extensive background in international development, she has adeptly managed diverse portfolios across the private, public, and non-governmental sectors, consistently surpassing expectations.
Her professional trajectory includes a notable role as a Trade Advisor for Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), a division of the Belgian Government in the UK. In this capacity, she played a fundamental role in orchestrating the largest Belgian Economic Mission to the UK, under the distinguished leadership of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium, bringing together more than 400+ participants including top government officials, the academia and corporate industry, comprising of 150+ countries.
Prior to her government position, Ms. Diallo contributed significantly to business development efforts at Duke Corporate Education, a globally recognized provider of customized executive education and leadership development. Situated in the firm’s London office, she took part in designing leadership programs that prepared C-Suite executives from FTSE500 companies.
Her global influence extends across international platforms, where she has been a prominent speaker and organizer at prestigious events, including the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York, the African Union in Addis Ababa, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom.
With an impressive track record of delivering large-scale projects, spearheading diplomatic initiatives, and championing community causes, Fatoumata Diallo epitomizes the essence of a visionary leader deeply committed to making a profound impact on the international stage. Her career is defined by an unwavering dedication to excellence and a profound passion for effecting meaningful change globally.
Fatoumata actively engages in various philanthropic pursuits. She serves as a Board Member at the National Alliance of Women’s Organizations (NAWO) and holds the esteemed position of acting Chairperson at the Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre (SLYC). Moreover, she contributes her expertise as a Co-opted Member of the Housing Scrutiny Committee for the London Borough of Camden.

1-In what field have you honed your professional skills to a notable degree?

Until recently, I was actively engaged in the orchestration of high-impact projects, overseeing collaborations between public-private entities and non-governmental organizations in areas encompassing leadership development, transformative initiatives, immersive experiences, and large-scale conferences. My responsibilities included meticulously planning, organizing, and executing noteworthy events of considerable magnitude, such as those affiliated with the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), and the World Summit on Women & Girls, an initiative of the Justina Mutale Foundation.
I actively participated in strategy sessions, negotiations, and facilitation processes, bringing my expertise to the table. Additionally, I undertook roles as a host, speaker, and moderator at these events, often delving into subjects of broad relevance, including leadership in its general context, and topics of particular significance to women, such as political participation, gender equality, economic empowerment, education, advocacy for change, and youth development.
At present, I find myself in a transition within the technology sector, embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture known as GAMAAL – the Homemade Food App. For further information about GAMAAL, please visit our website at www.gamaal.co.uk.

3-What does entrepreneurship mean to you in a few words?
Entrepreneurship, in essence, encompasses the proactive pursuit of establishing and managing pioneering ventures with the primary objective of addressing societal challenges and delivering value to the marketplace.

4-What are your aspirations ?

My aspirations revolve around fostering personal and societal growth:

I am committed to nurturing my children’s dreams and instilling in them the belief that anything is achievable. As a mother, coach, and mentor, I aim to exemplify compassion, happiness, care, and love.

I seek to inspire those who may feel hopeless by demonstrating that there are no limits to what one can achieve in life. I want to show them that, even in the face of adversity, they can reach their fullest potential and realize their dreams.

My goal is to build a community founded on care and mutual support. I aspire to serve as a connector, bridging divides, orchestrating connections, and bringing people together.

Through my venture, GAMAAL, I aim to bring the comfort and joy of homemade food to individuals, even when they are far from home. My vision is to share new culinary discoveries with the community, fostering love and unity.

I am dedicated to a life of service to humanity on a global scale.

I aim for personal fulfilment, satisfaction, and authenticity in all my relationships. I seek to develop resilience and faith-driven passion, inspiring others through my journey.

I aspire to be a bridge builder and a unifying force, consistently radiating positivity and sparking connections wherever I go.

My mission is to rekindle the spirit of community-building worldwide, promote healthy eating, alleviate poverty, and encourage quality family time over nutritious meals.

Ultimately, I hope to be a testament to the power of ambitious dreams coming to fruition and remain committed to uniting the world and making a positive impact through GAMAAL.

5-A message for the youth?

Believe in your inherent potential, embrace challenges as opportunities for personal growth, and maintain a relentless commitment to continuous learning. View setbacks as valuable stepping stones on your path to achieving greatness. Remember that your journey toward success is a deliberate process and a marathon, not a sprint. Maintain unwavering determination, unyielding focus, and fidelity to your dreams.

Cultivate a profound passion, foster self-belief, and nurture self-confidence, as these attributes will instil in you the capacity to tackle challenges with a capable mentality. Believe in your inherent potential, embrace challenges as opportunities for personal growth, and maintain a relentless commitment to continuous learning.

We find ourselves living in an era of unprecedented historical significance, characterized by rapid global changes and the emergence of new frontiers, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). These transformative forces are poised to disrupt various aspects of our lives, from work and mobility to our overall experiences.

It is essential to recognize that, in this global landscape, your sphere of competition extends far beyond local boundaries. You are now competing on a global stage, where competition is robust.

Consequently, it is imperative to strategize how you can distinguish yourself in this international arena. Understand that there are virtually no constraints on what you can achieve.

I encourage you to actively engage in shaping the future world, rather than being a passive observer. Participate in global dialogues that will influence the formulation of policies and systems that will govern your future. Strive to be at the forefront of driving positive change on a global scale.

In your pursuit, endeavour to be a creator rather than a mere consumer. Cultivate a mindset that encourages originality rather than imitation.

Here are two key directives for your journey:

Strive to attain the highest possible level of education.

Foster curiosity about the world around you, and recognize the significance of STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Software). Learning how to code is akin to acquiring the ability to read and write in today’s world, ensuring that you do not become digitally illiterate in the future.

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